Frequently Asked Questions…Answered!

  • How much is Skinny Fiber? (Chart does not reflect shipping cost. Add $5.97 for one bottle, add $7.48 for Buy 2G1F, add $8.97 for Buy3G3F, add $24.48 for 10 bottle pkg and $33.72 for the 20 bottle package. If you would like to become a distributor, add only $10 to any package you have chosen to purchase.)

SF - Pricing Chart

  • How many capsules come in a bottle? 120
  • How long does a bottle last? Each bottle is a one month’s supply, taking 4 pills per day, 2 capsules before your two largest meals of the day.
  • Do You Offer Free Samples? There are no samples with Skinny Fiber since it works in a different way than those diet pills that have stimulants.  Samples would not allow you to see the results.  SF first starts working on the issues that are slowing the metabolism down, by correcting the body naturally and preparing it for weight loss–that is done by the detox that takes place in the first few days or even weeks. The more off balance the body is, the longer it will take to see weight loss. Have had several that said they began to notice the weight or inch loss at the very end of the first bottle. That is why we have the 30 day empty bottle guarantee!!!
  • How long does it take Skinny Fiber to work? Skinny Fiber is not a quick fix weight loss product and it can take several weeks to start seeing results for some people. This is perfectly normal and varies from person to person depending on your state of health before you started taking Skinny Fiber. If you have digestion problems or other underlying health issues, it will take a while to restore your body’s balance. Fat can be stored as a way of protecting the body and once your overall health improves, the weight loss will follow. Yet we have seen quite a few people who start seeing the inches coming off in a matter of days….every “body” is different.
  • Do I have to diet and/or exercise to get results from Skinny Fiber? The answer to this question again will depend on your body. We have many customers who have not changed their diets and have never exercised 1 day while on it and are getting amazing results. Unfortunately, this is not the case with everyone! Just for the purpose of becoming healthy, if you need to lose weight and/or have health issues, you should begin to make healthy lifestyle changes by watching what and how much you eat as well as trying to move your body everyday.
  • I still feel hungry even when I take Skinny Fiber as directed, what should I do? This may be happening for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you may be dehydrated. Dehydration can cause us to feel a false hunger and since you are taking a fiber supplement it is even more important to ensure you have plenty of water / fluids. Drinking plenty of water will ensure that the Glucomannan expands to full capacity in your stomach. Another reason is that your digestive health may not be good when you first start taking Skinny Fiber. Be patient and be consistent, every day this supplement is having a positive effect on your health and once more healing has taken place, your appetite should reduce and you should start to see your weight dropping.
  • Does Skinny Fiber give you the jitters? Skinny Fiber contains all natural, pure ingredients that work to restore your body’s digestive health, reduce your appetite and gently increase your metabolism to promote natural weight loss over time. Skinny Fiber does not contain any ingredients that are known to give users the ‘jitters’.
  • Does everyone experience a detox effect? Depending on your current state of health and the number of capsules you take, you may experience different levels of detox when you first start taking Skinny Fiber. Some people need to go through this detox stage before they start to see the weight coming off. Skinny Fiber works hard to improve your health from the inside out. Just keep up the high water intake you will soon start seeing the benefits.
  • Can I take Skinny Fiber while I am Pregnant or Breast Feeding? Since no formal clinical trials have been conducted, it is advised that you stop taking Skinny Fiber once you discover you are pregnant and while breast feeding. Your Skinny Fiber intake can be resumed afterwards as a great supplement to help get your post baby body back in shape. Consult your Dr. if breast feeding, we have many that have been cleared to use Skinny Fiber while still breastfeeding and is usually safe for mom and baby.
  • I am going through menopause, can I take Skinny Fiber? Oh yeah and you will thank your lucky stars you found Skinny Fiber if you experience hot flashes. Many of our customers report either less hot flashes or none at all!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!?
  • Is Skinny Fiber gluten free? Yes, this all natural product is gluten free.
  • Does Skinny Fiber have other health benefits? Sooooo many…we have received many testimonials from customers who say that Skinny Fiber has helped a whole host of health issues such as IBS, cholesterol, blood sugar, insulin levels, fibromyalgia, acid re-flux, ED, low energy, PCOS, arthritis, constipation, low thyroid, Lupus, energy, menopause, migraines, fertility issues due to Polycystic Ovarian Disease just to name a few. It appears to have a very effective regulating effect on the body including blood sugar and hormones. Also, decreased cellulite, clearer skin, reduced cholesterol – people are coming off of cholesterol medication, lower blood pressure – no more blood pressure pills for several customers!, stabilized blood sugar – people who were diabetic no longer need any medication!, decreased or stopped symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), decreased or stopped symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), regulating the thyroid- people are coming off thyroid medication!, reduced hot flashes, reduced and sometimes eliminated migraines, better sleep at night, reduced or eliminated cravings of carbs, chocolate and salty foods, increased energy, We have many reports of it also helping with: GERD, acid reflux, bowel inflammation, joint inflammation, joint pain, joint dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, infertility, renal dysfunction, compromised liver function, edema, gout and a host of other health issues. Skinny Fiber will enhance the inside.
  • Does Skinny Fiber have any side effects? To date we have not discovered any reports of negative side effects due to the use of Skinny Fiber. Some individuals may notice increased bowel movements, bloating and gas at first due to the increase in fiber and detoxifying effect on the body depending on the state of their digestive health when they start taking the supplement. If this happens, we suggest increasing your water intake. These effects are usually short lived once the body gets used to the increased fiber and your digestive health starts to improve.
  • Do I need to follow a particular diet or eating plan while taking Skinny Fiber? It is not essential to follow a particular plan but you do need to listen to your body. Many of us eat large portion sizes out of habit and continue eating past being full. If you aim to reduce your portion sizes and choose more natural unprocessed foods then this will of course increase the benefits and results you get from Skinny Fiber. If you prefer the structure of following a certain diet then Skinny Fiber may compliment it well and boost your results even further. Its unique blend of ingredients may help you stick to a certain eating plan through feeling satisfied with smaller portions and reducing cravings. What will not work is if you take Skinny Fiber and continue to overeat to excess regardless of how full you are feeling – continuing to binge on unhealthy processed foods and sugary foods and beverages expecting Skinny Fiber to be a miracle cure isn’t going to get you results you want as the supplement will be fighting a losing battle with your continued unhealthy eating habits.
  • After I am done taking Skinny Fiber, will I gain my weight back? NO. Although, many people stay on Skinny Fiber after they have met their weight loss goals due to the health benefits they personally experienced while taking SF. The longer you have been on SF the better. Why? Because SF detoxed your body, cleaned out the toxins and re-balance your hormones creating a body that was “ready” to lose weight. However, with skinny fiber or any weight loss regiment- if you go back to eating junk and drinking calories you WILL gain back weight. You cannot go back to bad eating and drinking habits and think that the weight is going to stay off. After being on Skinny Fiber for awhile, it should have retrained your brain to become intune to your body’s needs- into only needing smaller portions at meal times, and eating more throughout the day in order to keep your metabolism going and your blood sugars level. SO if you continue to maintain the good eating habits you learned while on SF then you will be fine. Also to remember to keep moving- Go for a walk, ride a bike, Swim, dance or chase the kiddies or animals around the park.

2 Responses to FAQ’s

  1. Hailey says:

    Can you take skinny fiber pills even tho you don’t eat anything after taking them? I don’t eat breakfest should I still take pills?

    • Karen Logan says:

      Hi Hailey!! You should always eat a bite or two of breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism. Even if it’s just a granola bar. And it is recommended to take 2 capsules of Skinny Fiber 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 min before lunch with plenty of water throughout the day. And since you would normally eat these meals, you will not have to worry about skipping. Hope this helps!! Come again soon! :-) Karen.

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